Obese to Fit, NOW Starting this….


I was 238lbs
I did have back surgery
I do have loose skin
I do have stretch marks
I made a shift in my life after my back surgery and being obese to get healthy. I had to make a mental switch…… oh it was a process, but I knew in order to take care of my children I needed to get my life on track!
I was negative, I talked badly about my life, I cried, complained, played victim but did NOTHING about, until I told myself my kids needed me, they need the mother they can look up to, be inspired by, one that can put run them, and is fun, loving and happy!
I’m forever grateful that the Lord used what got thrown to me for the good and He still is!
MONDAY a BIG group of us will be starting The Shift Shop Day 1 together and rocking our chances to win $$ but also SHIFT our life! #believe2achieve #maketheshift #backsurgery #lifestylechange #totalshift #obesetofit
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