Native Americans and Chinese have been using ginseng as a medical ingredient for centuries. In today’s modern research, it is scientifically proven that ginseng strengthens immune system, increases male libido, sharpens memory, lowers cholesterol levels and helps in decelerating progression of Alzheimer’s disease. These advantages of ginseng have been studied all over the world. In the past few studies, one of the other advantages of ginseng that has been discussed includes the capability to aid weight loss.


Ginseng helps accelerate weight loss in two ways

It revs up the sluggish metabolism. With a fast metabolic rate you can eat the usual amount of food that you have, but it actually ensures that less of excess calories gets converted into fat.
Other than that, ginseng is a good source of energy booster that improves your physical stamina and makes you feel more vigorous. This way, you can actively exercise for longer and burn fat equally.

How to use ginseng for weight loss?

Ginseng is available in the form of capsules, energy drinks, powder, wine, etc, making it easy for to make a choice with regards to its method of consumption. If, however, you are still confused, you can start by simmering 5-6 slices of roots in hot water to prepare a cup of hot ginseng tea. Alternatively, you may add sliced roots of ginseng to soup. Ginseng powder can be sprinkled over salads, soups and other delicacies.
However, ginseng should not be used solely for weight loss. For a long term weight control, you are required to eat healthy and exercise regularly. It is a fact that ginseng does help in losing weight, but without a healthy lifestyle, relying on ginseng alone wouldn’t help.
According to Dr. Robert B. Saper and his colleagues from Harvard Medical School, stated that the reason why ginseng helps stimulate weight loss is because of its affects on how carbohydrates are metabolized in the body. In addition, the loss of appetite occurs as a side-effect in some users, but no scientific study has really been able to prove the effectiveness of ginseng in weight loss. If you want to use ginseng to lose weight, you should first talk to your doctor. 

Image source: Pixabay


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