Losing weight is a struggle and you can only win if you have your eyes and heart set towards your goal. Find out how you can convince yourself to lose weight.


You love to lie down on your couch and get cozy inside your quilt, but there is the weight loss issue that is bothering you in the back of your mind. But, who cares! Right now, you are at the king of your crib and going that extra mile to lose weight can wait, can’t it? But if you are thinking otherwise and do not know how to go about losing weight, then here is a self-help guide on how to convince yourself to lose weight.


Take a look at yourself

They say seeing is believing, and so, just look into the mirror and try to reason with yourself on why you need to lose weight. Ask yourself whether you like what you see or not.

Be Positive

If you enrolled in a gymnasium, be sure to be positive about it i.e. do not beat your heart thinking that you are ‘wasting time’ and would rather be hanging out with friends. If you must lose weight, you must also realise that of all the people you need the gym as much as you need water for survival and that by going to gym you are doing yourself a favour. So, hit the weight loss road on a positive note.


The Muse Approach

Take a look at your favourite model, probably someone like Alessandra Ambrosio, and ask yourself whether this angel would want to date you if there is ever a chance. The answer sure will not please you much but then you have a choice!

Favourite Clothes Approach

Put on your neck plunging tight tee or the little black dress that you bought after paying a fortune and take a look at yourself at the mirror. What do you see? You will probably see an image of yourself that does not match up to your former slim-cut self. Women, where are the toned legs and the heart beat skipping waist line? Men, where is that athletic fitness that screamed out from behind your tight tee? Don’t you want to fit back in? So, get going!

Realistic Goals

One of the most important things to do is to set realistic goals. Unless you set realistic goals for yourself your weight loss journey would be fruitless. Start small and go one step at a time so that you are not overburdened with so much on your plate. When setting goals you have to realise your potential first and only then can you get going.

Losing weight is a goal that needs tenacity and dedication. Make it clear to all that losing weight is what you aim for and that it is of utmost importance that they do all to support you. All the best dear friend, we are with you.


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