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Hide Hair Loss and Regain Your Confidence With these Easy To Use Products


Finding a way to hide hair loss is a priority for most of us as we work on trying to restore our hair to its former glory.

Changing hairstyles or wearing head bands and scarves can both be helpful tactics. But another option is to instantly ‘plump up’ the existing hair or disguise thin patches with a ‘fill-in’ powder or product that can be shaken into the hair.

Easy to use, these products can be a great way to get your confidence back and are much more economical than costly extensions. They are also designed to stay put in your hair, so you can enjoy the things you want to do without worrying that your secret will be revealed to the world!

Here are some of the most effective products currently available to help you hide hair loss in an instant.

TOPPIK Hair Building FibersBest-selling Toppik is one of the most popular products designed to hide hair loss.

You simply shake it on to the hair and pat to spread out the fibers, giving a natural look. There are 9 different shades to choose from and the product comes in a range of sizes.

Most importantly, it STAYS ON – so you can wear it with confidence, yet it can be easily washed out with shampoo.

Not just great for hiding thin patches, you can also use Toppik to disguise gray hair and touch up your roots!

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Our top pick

Strand MaximizerThis hair loss concealer for women AND men is available in a range of colors and you are 100% guaranteed to be happy with it, or your money back!

Made of keratin fibers, Strand Maximizer clings to your existing hair and covers up any scalp that’s showing.

It’s easy to use – you just shake it on and pat it down! It’s non-greasy and allows the hair to move freely, so it looks natural.

It’s guaranteed to stay on, even in windy conditions or if you sweat – but it’s also easy to wash out with shampoo.

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Joan Rivers Great Hair Day® fill-in powderAnother hugely popular product is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day® fill-in powder, which was created specifically for her all day TV shows.

Rather than fibers, this product is a powder which comes with a handy mirror and specially designed brush, making it easy to apply. Coverage is excellent, it doesn’t wear off in any way and comes in 6 different colors, so you can get a perfect match.

It may be a little pricey, but it lasts for a while and its many fans say it’s well worth the investment!

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Irene Gari Fill In PowderIf your budget is a serious consideration when choosing a fill-in powder to hide hair loss, then this product is well worth checking out.

Similar to Joan Rivers Great Hair Day®, this is a powder that you apply with a brush and is resistant to both sweat and the elements.

Whilst users of both products tend to remark on the superiority of Great Hair Day®, this powder still does a good job, and for a mere fraction of the price.

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Bumble and Bumble Hair PowderAlthough designed as a tinted dry shampoo, some women find this useful as a hair loss concealer.

It certainly does a good job of hiding the scalp and – because it absorbs oil – tends to make the hair look fuller too.

It can be sprayed on to the hair, so it’s easy to use, although you do need to be careful and avoid inhaling the spray, particularly if you are using it regularly. And do bear in mind the fact that this product has a drying effect, so it might not be your best choice as a fill-in powder if you plan to use it on a daily basis.

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Products to Hide Hair Loss

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