Detox tips for weight loss are perhaps the ideal ways for weight loss in the market for they not only detox the body but also improve its health and induce weight loss. According to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, an average human being has about 116 synthetic compounds in his/her body. All the daily activities that we indulge in everyday expose us to a certain amount of toxin. These toxins may be absorbed from food additives, preservatives, smog, dry cleaners, heavy metals, pollution, non-organic foods, chemicals, pesticides etc. The absorbed toxins get stored in the fat cells, which the liver processes and converts into water-soluble molecules that are released through bowel movements. Here are some detox and weight loss tips for a healthy living.

Consume clean and filtered water 

One of the foremost weight loss tips using a detox diet is consuming an appropriate amount of filtered water. The body is made up of about 85% of water and it acts as a catalyst to most important functions within the body. Water is an important element in clearing toxins from the body. To get yourself to routine water consumption and better results, add a few drops of fresh lime juice into a bottle of water.

Stay away from any diet plan 

Exposing your body to a sudden diet plan is disastrous for the body. Besides, most diets impact the metabolism greatly and may even lead to hormonal disruption. Moreover, there is a chance that you will not know the nutritional value of the calories you are consuming. Therefore, you need to consume specific micro and macro nutrients to keep the metabolism working fine. You can gradually reduce the consumption of unhealthy fats or substitute them with healthy fats. 

Go easy on alcohol 

Consumption of alcohol in great quantities disrupts the blood sugar levels in the blood, is estrogenic, causes dehydration, is toxic to the liver, adds abdominal fat and stimulates appetite. 

Drink white and organic green tea 

White and organic green teas are a healthy source of the drink. They help in the detoxifying process. 

Avoid artificial sweeteners 

Avoid the consumption of artificial sweeteners such as Equal, NutraSweet, Aspartame and Splenda. 

Always Opt for organic over commercial 

Do not go by the commercials of food products. Check the label of the food item for “organic” ingredients. Avoid non-organic foods such as farmed salmon and products made of other contaminated fish. Consume grass-fed bison and beef, eggs and free-range poultry.

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