The skin is the shield of a human body which takes all the dust, pollution and also the microbial attacks. The white blood cells are the fighting agents which work with the association of the skin cells to keep the bacteria’s secluded. During the times of hormonal changes the equation of the body changes and creates imbalance which leads to different sort of diseases and infections to overpower the white blood corpuscles. Mostly, due to dust, pollution and over production of sebum creates the acne by blocking the skin pores. An acne should to be treated at the earliest as prolonged acne elevates to cystic acne and it’s really painful and stressful.


The skin pores in our body carry the impurities and dead skin cells and tissues to the surface of the body through sweat. During the hormonal changes the sebum production spikes up and so is the skin cell production. The excessive sebum clogs the skin pores and the dust and anaerobic bacteria’s gets trapped inside too. The bacteria’s spread the infection and rip the skin cells and tissues and develops the pus inside the pores. An acne can be identified by locating a bump on the skin with the redness surrounding it. The skin surrounding the pores also turns inactive and the skin inflammation spreads to the surrounding surface on the skin. The acne can be seen over the lower portion of the face, the portion of the back, over the shoulders, arms and collar area.

Hormonal Acne

This type of acne is caused during the changes in the hormones in a body. This type of acne has mainly noticed in the people ageing between 13 to 35 years. The promotion in a bodily form, from a child to an adolescent teenager experience lots of hormonal changes, which is the major reason of hormonal acne to appear. During this period the sebum starts to form in huge amount and clogs the pores and the confined bacteria’s starts the process of infection. During the menstrual cycle and at the time of pregnancy one experience the same hormonal acne due to the changes in the equation of the body.

Sometimes, the climate plays a major role in the emergence of an acne over the skin surface. The sebum creates the comedones in the form of white heads and the black heads. The cysts and pustules are as similar to an acne. There are several self-care measures which can subsidize the emergence and it also works in the eradication medication process of an acne.

Treatment for Hormonal Acne

There are several measures available for the hormonal acne treatment, the medicines are available in the form of oral as well as an ointment or gels, bars, lotion, creams and many more forms. The use of Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the best and highly recommended by the dermatologists worldwide. The medicine works by targeting the root cause which is the formation and the multiplication of the bacteria’s, by killing them and restructuring the ruptured tissues and cells. The medicine pacifies the bump over the skin and discharge the inactive skin cells and strengthen the white corpuscles to shield the skin pores. The Benzoyl Peroxide pushes the infectious pus out of the pores and creates a protection so that the skin tissues wouldn’t be infected. The medicine is prescribed till the time the scars should go off the skin and the smooth skin is reacquainted. Some measures in the dietary menu can also help the hormonal acne to vanish quickly like, high glycemic foods, simple carbohydrates, which elevates the level of insulin and creates an imbalance in the hormones. Try to refrain the consumption of alcohol, which promotes dehydration and impairs liver. One can take lean proteins which keep the insulin level stable and give amino acid which is imperative for the liver functionality. This process stipulates the hormones under control and obstruct the accumulation of toxins.

The acne is the creator of distress and promotes the lack of confidence. It should be cured as soon as it appears without disturbing or picking the acne. The more disbursed the acne is the more painful would be the cysts and the longer will be the medication process. The proper use of medication and the self-care tips will keep the person free from the effects and spots of acne.

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