Acne and other skin conditions can really affect a person’s confidence, especially when you don’t know what could be causing it. There are several factors that can contribute to skin issues such as; stress, the food you consume or don’t consume, pollution, mould and/ or

  Have you heard the joke about the fight between the different parts of the body? One day they were arguing over whose role was the most important. The heart said it was the most important because it was beating to keep the body going. The

Biofilm is exactly what it sounds like – it’s basically a sticky film. I like to think of it as a bomb shelter for yeast, parasites and bacteria to hide under so they can survive even the strongest antibiotics and anti-fungals (natural or medications) that

  Vitamin C is so important for our health and well-being, that it’s actually critical to supply your body with it on a daily basis. As humans, we lack the functional enzyme to complete the synthesis of Vitamin C itself, so it must be supplied from