The restrictive diet that is prescribed after a typical Bariatric surgery, performed on obese patients, can be quite helpful for those who primarily seek to reduce weight and retain their fitness. However, it may not be necessary to undergo this surgery to follow such a

Finding it difficult to burn fat? It is not one of the simple tasks you undertake! Weight loss plan requires a strict diet plan along with various fat burning exercises to be effective. When you are trying to lose weight, you must know fat burning

  It may be trouble for some to hit the gym and get to shape. For women who do not get the time to go outdoors to exercise, here is a guide for losing weight at home.   Weight loss need not happen with the aid of a

Being overweight or obese can not only be restrictive but dangerous to your life. Losing the surplus weight (more weight than needed according to her BMI) for a woman becomes important in order to be safe from any life threatening diseases and also to make