To have your body processes run smoothly, reduce sickness, and maintain stellar mental and physical health, choosing a healthy lifestyle is critical. A healthy lifestyle comes with a plethora benefits, most of which you probably already know. And, of course, a healthy lifestyle involves making

  I was 238lbs I did have back surgery I do have loose skin I do have stretch marks And I am BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL! I made a shift in my life after my back surgery and being obese to get healthy. I had to make a mental switch

  This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! Pregnant bellies are beautiful, glowing signs of new life. They are also itchy, tight and susceptible to stretch marks and saggy skin post-childbirth. Stretch marks and saggy skin are mostly genetic, and you can’t completely prevent them. However,

  Postpartum weight loss, the good, the bad and the ugly…. Having a baby can be the most exciting, challenging and scariest thing a woman experiences. The changes your body goes through in order to create a tiny human is remarkable, but why is it difficult to