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Believe it or not, it’s back to school time already and how many of us moms want to be prepared? All of us!  When it comes to Back to School Health Tips there are some simple basics to keeping the family healthy to ward off those pesky germs.  My philosophy of course is Prevention is Better Than Cure, so why not try to prevent illness before you get it?

Years ago as a third-grade teacher, I would have to teach my students the proper etiquette of not spreading germs… like how to avoid sneezing on other people, washing hands before lunch after touching rails, desks and bathroom handles and not sharing combs because of lice. It wasn’t easy and I had to remind them frequently, but it did pay off.

Here is a short list of what mom or dad can do at home to help keep the family healthier:

My Back to School Health Tips

  1. Take Non-GMO Vitamins to keep your resistance up so that you can fight off those germs. Here’s a good vitamin for kids and here is an option for adults.  You may even want to take extra vitamin C during cold season.
  2. Washing Your Hands always before you EVER put anything in that mouth.  That goes along with touching your face, nose and eyes as well because germs spread much easier and faster this way. I don’t really recommend any artificial-ingredient hand sanitizers, but you can easily make your own hand sanitizer using essential oils by following this recipe: Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer
    • 3 TBSP Aloe Gel
    • 1 TBSP Water
    • 1/8 tsp Vitamin E
    • 5-7 drops of thieves or onguard essential oil

    Mix all ingredients together and funnel into a small container.

  3. Eat Well.  What does eating well mean?  That’s a loaded question, but if I could give you a short definition it would go like this….Stay away from all GMOs including grains, soy, canola. To learn more about GMOs, read my posts here. One great tip that I have learned is that if you eat organic bread or products, you don’t need to eat gluten-free (or at least this has worked for me). Eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables and try to avoid boxed or pre-packaged items.  I know this is difficult, especially for moms of small children, but trust me your kids will be healthier for it.
  4. Get Enough Sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep, your resistance will be down and you will be more apt to get sick.  8 hours is a nice goal to shoot for and for kids in college, listen to mom because she loves you 😉
  5. Use a Diffuser.  In order to keep everyone from getting sick or spreading at home, I like to use a diffuser with bacteria-fighting essential oils.  This is especially great for the classroom, hospital room or the college dorm.
  6. Don’t share food and drink.  I can tell my kids all the time not to share, but they still don’t listen.  Maybe this video will help.
  7. Most Importantly…Be prepared! So expect that once in a while you will get something, but if you catch it in time, you can often keep the illness at bay.  We are always prepared ahead of time in my house with either Oil of Oreganol which I love or Swedish Bitters which are bitter!! Oil of Oreganol used topically for strep throat is wonderful.  Just put castor or olive oil on first and then the oil at least several times the first day.  Essential oils on the bottom of the feet also absorb into the blood stream quickly.  As always, consult your physician first.  I also make an all natural vapor rub for the chest if you do get a cold.  Check it out here. Lastly, if you are looking for kid-safe formulas that you can purchase, Dr. Christopher has some great ones.

Remember that the key to all of this is prevention or taking care of the symptoms immediately.  Like the boy scouts say, BE PREPARED 🙂

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