6 Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are part of one of the hottest female trends in past couple of years. You’ve seen them on your favorite Instagram models, on the hottest celebrities from the Kardashian sisters and the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé. After seeing the thick, full lashes that grace the covers of fashion magazines, you’ll want something like that for yourself too. But getting that isn’t as easy as buying high-quality lash extensions from the store. If you’ve never worn eyelash extension, there’s a lot you may want to consider before getting eyelash extensions.

One Two Lash: A Girl’s Best Friend

Eyelash extensions are a great way to glam up your look and your style. The best part, nobody knows they’re fake. However, all false lashes aren’t made equal. If you’re looking for an eyelash extension that’ll give you your money’s worth, then One Two Lash is just what you need.

One Two Lash eliminates all the typical problems associated with applying, wearing, maintaining and removing conventional fake lashes. They are made using an exclusive micro-magnetic technology allowing you to put them on quickly, without any adhesives.

How to Apply One Two Lashes

On opening the box, you’ll find a top and a bottom lash (the bottom lash has a red dot on it). Remove the top lash and hold above the top lash line of your eye.

Align the corner edges of the top lash to that of your natural lashes and gently set it down.

While the top One Two Lash rests on your physical ones, take the bottom lash from the box.

Align the edge of the lower lash with your natural lash line. If aligned correctly, the micro magnets will come together, sandwiching your natural lashes between them.

You may need to blink a few times to help secure the position of your One Two Lashes.

How to Remove One Two Lashes

The removal process is even easier. All you have to do is gently slide the lashes away from each other using your index finger and thumbs, and that’s it.

Things to Note before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Different Types are Available

If this were a rule book, then rule number one would be “No two lashes are created equal.” Once upon a time, there was only one kind of fake eyelash kit. It was 100% synthetic, from the eyelash down to the added adhesive glue. Nowadays you can pick from three different eyelash extensions, there’s synthetic, mink and silk. They also come in varying lengths from 6mm to 17mm.

Diverse Range of Styles and Looks

Some ladies prefer a more natural look. If that’s what suits your tastes, then there are individual lashes you can apply to each section of your lash line to help “beef it up.” But for a bolder look, you can get full-length extensions. They attach at both corners of your eyelids and cover the entire area of your natural lashes. If you prefer something more dramatic, you can also get eyelash extensions in customized styles including winged, ultra-thick, accents, and glitter. So whatever your signature style is, there’s an eyelash extension for you.

Wearing Extensions takes Time

Eyelash extensions are not something you can just pick up last minute and put on. If you’re considering adding eyelash extensions to your look, then you better prepare at least 2hrs for you to apply the full set. Half sets, of course, take less time and are ideal for those looking for a less natural but more dramatic effect. If you want a touch-up, then you can count on you local lash salon to help you out say every two or three weeks, it’ll still take you about 2 hours of course.

It Can Be Irritating

Using the rule book analogy earlier stated, rule number 2 would go something like this “Be prepared for the irritation that follows the application process.” It’s a bit long and not particularly catchy, but the bottom line is this; no matter the type of eyelash extension you get, you’re going to get irritated by it all. Either the adhesives dripping into the delicate eye area, or your natural lashes getting pulled with the false ones. All of which is painful and can cause damage to your eyes.

Adjustments May Be Required

Getting your eyelash extension is just one-half of the journey. The other half involves regular changes that can range from the addition of lash enhancers for a bolder look or trim for a more realistic appearance.

Removing is Almost as Stressful

The removal process can also be as stressful, and if not done carefully, you can do damage to your natural eyelashes. The entire process may take up to 30 minutes, and if you’re not sure of what to do, it’ll be easier just to see a lash specialist and learn the proper removal techniques.

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