Losing weight is already an uphill task. People have spent years to shed pounds and have reached nowhere. Yes, losing weight is not easy

An equation of losing weight around thighs is the sum of two aspects - exercise regimen and appropriate diet plan. These two form the

A study in the American Journal of Medicine suggests that a vegan diet is an effective weight-loss tool and vegans tend to have lower

The fat around your belly can be as stubborn as a leech on the toilet seat. If you want to trim it down a

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. Weight of up to 15 kilograms is gained by women during their pregnancy terms. All the

  People are introduced with numerous weight loss tips on a daily basis and rarely do they realise that these tips may not be healthy

A woman who is obese is a sad woman; it is definitely distressing to see popular culture women with beautiful figure. You can to

Losing weight is a struggle and you can only win if you have your eyes and heart set towards your goal. Find out how