Alas! The vicious cycle of trying and trying but not losing weight doesn’t end.  And our self esteem goes down with the scale going up. Don’t lose hope, positive thinking works in favour of our body. If you have exhausted yourself just reading this, you seriously

Weight loss can become a difficult task, especially if you are trying to lose weight by depriving yourself of food. There are better and more effective ways to lose the side fat from around your waist. Food depreciation may only help you temporarily with risk

Weight loss is on most people’s mind, but they cannot just get to what they want. The right kinds of foods are there for you to pick, they are present all around you. All you have to do is to pick them out for your

Black coffee is the first thing that comes to our minds after waking up in the morning. Black coffee somehow gives a sudden burst in energy and allows us to get super active. What is its role in weight loss? Drinking coffee before workout helps